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Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW 50 x H 50 cm

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The path is going through the forest. It is getting dark. I am walking slowly and listening to the sounds of nature. Somewhere branches are cracking – a frightened rabbit is making a break for it. My heart is blenching. The fear is like a rabbit – it flees and only ears are left. I hear my heart beating. How many secrets there are in the air, so many puzzles left around, and how many things people do not see, only the path is enlighten. I am going towards the sun while struggling through the evening shadows. I stop at the edge of the wood and I see that the evening door is open and my heart is flicking because of happiness and joy. I am breathing slowly, not moving – the wind is flattering a tree branch and softly brushing my hair. I feel that the sun is setting stealing the secret of the day.  

Height50 cm.
Width50 cm.
Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW 50 x H 50 cm
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