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Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW150 x H100cm

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We are arising in such height which is higher than ourselves with the help of our minds. An entity becomes significant by itself when we fly so easily like we breathe, when the borders between the dream and night disappears. The magnificence of the world makes obeisance for people while people make obeisance for the world. The time puzzle which is dedicated to you consists of short happy lifetime moments, simple, usual occasions, works, words and people who were met. All those things considered, you realize what a wonderful and simple life is and how complicated we want to make it. Just, raise your eyes into the sky and calm down your minds, thoughts; console your heart because the sky belongs to us.

Height100 cm.
Width150 cm.
Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW150 x H100cm
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    Every painting that you buy is original art work. All the paintings in this website are the creations of INFOSTA. 100% paintings are hand-painted (absolutely no printing ) on high-grade canvas, with only the highest quality materials and techniques.

    The authenticity of each work is guaranteed with Certificate of Authenticity. 

    The certificate states the following:

    The painting's name and dimensions;
    The artist's name and the fact that it is hand-made;
    The date: painting was created;
    The media: used;
    The location: where it was created;