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Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW 60 x H 80 cm

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About the painting

Summer is perfumed by peonies.

The sunlight is swaying summer flowers. Heads of blossoms which are big and full of petals are dancing with the wind together. Everybody knows their sweet smell of love. Pastel- colored flowers are spreading charms which you cannot resist. These are the flowers which bloom at the end of May or in the beginning of June. An amazing sweetness of flowers shift us from spring to summer (they build a bridge from spring to summer with their smell). Peony symbolizes beauty, honor, romance, success and happiness.

These flowers are spreading a positive energy. A positive energy is associated with excellent prospects, joyful time spending, determined and joyful approach to the future. It is believed that the peony brings happiness; it is often given as gifts for the newlyweds.

Techniqueacrylic on canvas
SizeW 60 x H 80 cm
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    The media: used;
    The location: where it was created;