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Unique art works for your soul, mind and heart.

Živilė Žostautienė

The artist was born and grew in Lithuania. At this time, she lives in Klaipėda (Lithuania). Živilė often spends her time in nature, so this is the place, where she gets creative ideas. The favourite place for Živilė is Nida, whose images are charming. The artist says Magic dunes, pinewoods, sunsets, sea waves and silence everything- all you need for inspiration is there! I enjoy watching nature. I like to mix my philosophical mind and view of the world.

During her childhood, she enjoyed painting, but when she grewup, she chose different way, but painting is still remains as her hobby. Today, Živilė improves her skills, participates in drawing seminars, workshops, trainings.  

The artist told about her creation which is like a fresh wind whiff, which evokes our minds and thoughts. This is a key to the inner world. First of all, this is a communication with yourself, with your inner child, teenager, girl and woman. This is a new way of your perception, but this way intrigues and affects us.